"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
George Bernard Shaw.

I am a self confessed foodie, I live in New York and I am a model, cooking and eating is the best gift in life and I want to share that gift.

Omfg this burger 😍😍😍 sooooo delicious with trifactor fries behind (sweet potato, taters and zucchini fries) at #roam burgers San Fran #robynlawleyeats (at Roam Artisan Burgers)

Well that was a quick visit 😩 gonna miss you Australia!! At least I got my meat pie fix even if it was at the airport. #robynlawleyeats (at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport Arrivals Gate)

The difference between a local grass fed steak and a factory farm fed steak 😱 a steak should not be fluro pink. Always opt for grass fed with humane conditions, better for you, the cow and the environment

Ohhhhhh yessss thanks for the Aussie breakie my Jessie!!! @jessdallybutler good to be home!!! #robynlawleyeats

The look I give my bf “what do you mean there’s no Nutella left?”

About to melt some cheese on this bad boy but how cool are these tomatoes, my friend grew them and gave me a whole bag of veggies :) now that’s love @raylin_kelly #organic #homegrown #robynlawleyeats

Deep fried tuna and avo rolls at delicatessen NYC soho

Look what just arrived in the mail!!!! My first ever published cookbook!! My friends joked it’s should be called “blood, sweat & creme fraiche” or “blood, sweat & (cake) tiers” haha on account of all the all nighters I pulled doing this, between modeling full time. It was an 18month project, it was all cooked, created, photographed and styled by yours truly. I’m super proud that it’s finished at times I thought I never would get through it, I just wanted to make the best book I could make for everyone to share my love and passion for cooking and most importantly bring everyone together. Thank you to my partner who would walk with me through the cold NYC to get our groceries from wholefoods and to cleaning just vast array of never ending dishes. massive thanks to my friends and family for testing, reassuring and helping me. For makeup artists and hair stylists who had to make an unshaven, food covered model look good lol.Nothing great is easy and it’s awesome to put this baby on the shelf, it was my dream as a little girl, so I guess I can say dreams do come true. #robynlawleyeats

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