"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
George Bernard Shaw.

I am a self confessed foodie, I live in New York and I am a model, cooking and eating is the best gift in life and I want to share that gift.


So just found out that no truffle oil can be from real truffles, it’s a chemical that smells similar.
So that expensive truffle oil I buy at wholefoods is a complete lie :( the only way is to buy real truffles and shave them or certain truffle salts.

Pasta linguine with squid ink, garlic aioli and shrimps …..this was utterly amazing at the Bazaar in Miami

Ummmm yeah this was delicious it’s was a chocolate bread and butter pudding with miso and icecream @pubbelly in Miami #robynlawleyeats

About to put this in the oven the recipe -slow roasted jerk chicken is from my upcoming book #robynlawleyeats coming out soon - trust me this recipe is a winner !! @randomhouseau

God I love cooking!! This was so delicious all local veggies from the markets cooked in truffle oil &salt handy tip if you roast beets with the skin on and a bit of stems they turn out sweeter- I topped this with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce but you can also add some Brie #robynlswleyeats @unsqgreenmarket

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